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Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students

 Author: Stephen Bailey  Category: Writing  Publisher: Routledge Companion  Published: April 16, 2024  ISBN: 978-1138615533  Download

Academic Writing helps students from different countries get better at writing essays and reports for their English classes. It’s been updated to make it easier for teachers and students to find what they need, whether they’re in class or studying on their own.

The book has five parts:

1. The Writing Process
2. Elements of Writing
3. Language Issues
4. Vocabulary for Writing
5. Writing Models

The book also includes:

– Examples of different types of writing tasks, like case studies
– Real examples from lots of different subjects
– It’s good for studying alone or in class
– It’s helpful for both college and graduate students
– There’s a glossary to explain hard words and an index to help you find things easily