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Advanced English Reading and Comprehension

 Author: Diane Engelhardt  Category: Reading  Publisher: Mc Graw Hill Education  Published: June 21, 2024  ISBN: 978-0-07-179887-7  Tags: Advanced English Reading and Comprehension PDF |  Download

Title: Practice Makes Perfect Advanced English Reading and Comprehension

Diane Engelhardt, an ESL instructor, created Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced English Reading and Comprehension, which includes lengthy, challenging passages to help you build fundamental English reading and critical thinking abilities. Inside, you’ll find 15 readings on themes including DNA evidence, sustainable urban communities, the human genome project, and more, all of which will keep you interested as you improve your English.
You will get lots of opportunities to practice learning and interpreting high-level language through fascinating tasks. You’ll learn how to arrange material you read, summarize literature, and much more. Before you realize it, your reading abilities and comprehension will improve, allowing you to get more out of English-language texts. Its objectives are to:

  • Build your academic and technical vocabulary
  • Boost your comprehension skills to an advanced level
  • Create reading strategies to use with any difficult text
  • Develop critical thinking skills