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Oxford English grammar course – Advanced

 Author: Michael Swan & Catherine Walter  Category: Grammar  Publisher: Oxford University Press  Published: March 1, 2015  ISBN: 9780 19 431391 9  Download

A Grammar Practice Book for Advanced Students of English!

“Oxford English Grammar Course – Advanced” by Michael Swan & Catherine Walter is an invaluable resource for advanced English learners who aim to refine their language skills, particularly for academic or professional purposes.

Designed for those with a solid grasp of English, this book focuses on teaching modern British English, covering both formal and informal styles of speech and writing.

The book is divided into two parts:
1. Word and sentence grammar: This section focuses on the essential structures needed to construct sentences effectively. It comprises seventeen sections, each featuring concise lessons with explanations and exercises to reinforce learning. Additionally, most sections include “More Practice” pages to provide further reinforcement.

2. Grammar beyond the sentence: Part two tackles more complex grammatical structures necessary for writing and comprehending advanced texts, making it beneficial for university-level students. It also addresses the grammar used in natural, informal conversations. Some topics may overlap between parts one and two, reflecting the interconnected nature of sentence and text grammar.

For learners needing to revisit fundamental grammar concepts, the book includes “revise the basics” lessons. However, those struggling with basic accuracy are advised to review the corresponding sections in the Intermediate Level before advancing to this book.

While no grammar book can cover every aspect of the English language, this book offers comprehensive coverage of essential points crucial for advanced students. Additional notes provide further insights into complex topics. For those seeking more detailed explanations, the authors recommend referring to “Practical English Usage” by Swan (Oxford University Press, 2005).

In summary, “Oxford English Grammar Course – Advanced” is an important companion for anyone striving to attain a higher level of proficiency in English. Whether you’re aiming for academic excellence or professional success, this book provides you with the tools needed to communicate effectively and confidently in English.