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Oxford English Grammar Course_ Intermediate

 Author: Michael Swan & Catherine Walter  Category: Grammar  Publisher: Oxford University Press  Published: March 20, 2015  ISBN: 9780194420808  Download

A Grammar Practice Book for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate Students of English

“Oxford English Grammar Course: Intermediate” is a great resource for students looking to improve their English grammar skills. This book, written by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter, offers clear and concise explanations of grammar points, making it easy to understand and remember. The use of color to highlight grammatical contrasts is particularly helpful for visual learners.

What sets this book apart is its interactive approach to learning. Each grammar explanation is followed by engaging practice activities that allow students to apply what they’ve learned in real-life situations. From internet exercises to personalization activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, the inclusion of ‘Revise the Basics’ units ensures that even those working with elementary grammar concepts can benefit from this book. With units at different levels, students can progress at their own pace and tackle more advanced topics when they’re ready.

Generally, “Oxford English Grammar Course: Intermediate” is a practical resource for intermediate and upper-intermediate students of English. Whether used for self-study or in the classroom, it’s sure to enhance language skills and boost confidence. Highly recommended!