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Oxford Practice Grammar with Answers

 Author: John Eastwood  Category: Grammar  Publisher: Oxford University Press  Published: March 26, 1999  ISBN: 0 19 431369 7  Download

“Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate” by John Eastwood is an excellent resource for English learners at the intermediate level. Whether you’re studying for exams like the Cambridge First Certificate or simply looking to improve your grammar skills, this book has you covered.

With 153 units covering a wide range of grammatical topics, you’ll find everything you need to strengthen your understanding of English grammar. The book pays special attention to tricky areas like verb forms, the passive voice, conditionals, and prepositions, making it easier to grasp these concepts.

One of the standout features of this book is its focus on real-life usage. Each unit starts with a dialogue or text that demonstrates how the grammar point is used in context, helping you understand its practical application. Plus, with 25 tests spread throughout the book, you can track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

The layout of the book is user-friendly, with explanations on one page and exercises on the opposite page. This makes it easy to follow along and practice what you’ve learned. Additionally, the examples used are in everyday conversational English, making them relatable and easy to understand.

There are multiple ways to use this book. You can target specific grammar points that you struggle with, use the starting test to assess your skills or work through the book from start to finish. Each unit provides a clear explanation followed by exercises to reinforce your learning.

Today, “Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate” is a valuable aid for anyone looking to enhance their English grammar skills. Whether you’re studying alone or in a classroom setting, this book is sure to help you progress and build confidence in your language abilities. Highly recommended!