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Professional Communication Skills For Everyone

 Author: Waqas Sharif  Category: Communication  Publisher: Chand & Company  Published: March 13, 2014  ISBN: N/A  Download

A Practical Guide for Students and Business Professionals!

“Professional Communication Skills For Everyone” by Waqas Sharif is your comprehensive guide to mastering the art of effective communication in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone simply looking to enhance your communication abilities, this book offers valuable insights and practical strategies to help you succeed.

From the basics of communication to overcoming barriers and mastering various forms of written and oral communication, this book covers it all. Let’s take a closer look at what each chapter has to offer:

1. Introduction: Basics of Communication – Lay the foundation for effective communication by understanding its fundamental principles.

2. Barriers to Communication – Identify and overcome common obstacles that hinder effective communication.

3. Business Communication at Workplace-I – Explore the nuances of business communication and learn how to communicate effectively in professional settings.

4. Business Communication at Workplace-II – Delve deeper into business communication strategies to enhance your workplace interactions.

5. User Instruction Manual – Master the art of crafting clear and concise user instructions for various products and services.

6. Writing: Summaries, Abstracts, and Definitions – Develop your writing skills by learning how to summarize, abstract, and define key concepts.

7. Writing Reports – Acquire the skills needed to write informative and well-structured reports for academic and professional purposes.

8. Employment Communication-III – Learn essential communication techniques for job applications, interviews, and workplace interactions.

9. Oral Communication – Enhance your oral communication skills and become a confident and persuasive speaker.

10. Audio Video Aids and Effective Presentations – Harness the power of audiovisual aids to create engaging and impactful presentations.

11. Note Making and Precise Writing – Master the art of taking effective notes and writing precise and concise documents.

12. Reading Skills – Develop advanced reading comprehension techniques to extract key information from various texts.

13. Mechanics of Writing – Learn the rules of grammar, punctuation, and syntax to ensure clarity and coherence in your writing.

14. Proofreading – Polish your written work by mastering the art of proofreading and editing.

15. Transcribing Numbers and Abbreviating – Fine-tune your transcription skills and learn how to abbreviate effectively for efficient communication.

With its comprehensive coverage and practical approach, “Professional Communication Skills For Everyone” is a must-read for anyone looking to excel in today’s competitive world. Get the power of effective communication in your personal and professional life.