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Hello and welcome to the Cambridge English Grammar Book: Active Grammar Level 1! This book is like your friendly guide to English grammar, especially if you’re just starting or still getting to make your base of English Grammar. It’s here to help you understand the basics of how words and sentences work in English. From the simplest words to putting sentences together, we’ve got you covered in a way that makes learning fun. Get ready for a journey that will make English grammar a breeze!

Table of Contents for Active Cambridge English Grammar Class 1

SectionsSubsectionsPage No
IntroductionCambridge English Grammar Book: Active Grammar Level 1Page 3
Word Class and Word OrderPresentPage 6
– Be
– Present Simple 1: Statements
– Present Simple 2: Negatives and Questions
– Present Continuous
– Present Continuous and Present Simple
– Imperatives
Review: Present Simple and Present Continuous
PastPast Simple 1: Was/WerePage 22
Past Simple 2: Regular Past Forms
Past Simple 3: Irregular Past Forms
Past Continuous
Review: Past Simple and Past Continuous
Present PerfectPresent Perfect 1Page 32
Present Perfect 2
Present Perfect 3
Present Perfect or Past Simple?
Review: Present Perfect and Used to
The FutureWill, Shall, Won’tPage 44
Present Continuous with Future Meaning
Be Going To
Review: The Future
Modal VerbsModal Verbs: Can, Could, Be Able ToPage 52
Modals for Requests: Can, Could, May
Must, Have To, and Can’t
Should, Ought To
Modals of Possibility: May, Might
Review: Modals
Questions and AnswersYes/No Questions and Short AnswersPage 64
Question Words: Where? When? Why? How? Whose?
Object and Subject Questions
Be Like and Look Like
What? and Which?
How …? Questions
So and Neither
Question Tags
Review: Questions and Answers
VerbsHave and Have GotPage 82
Make, Do, and Get
Prepositional Verbs
Phrasal Verbs
Verbs with Two Objects
Verb + -ing or Verb + To-infinitive; Like and Would Like
State Verbs
Review: Verb Structures
Articles, Nouns, Pronouns, etc.Countable and Uncountable NounsPage 98
Plural Nouns
Articles 1
Articles 2
Review: Nouns and Articles
This, That, These, Those
Some, Any, No, None
Something, Everywhere, Nobody, Anyone
Much, Many, A Lot Of, A Little, A Few
Subject and Object Pronouns
Possessive ‘s
Whose?, My, Mine
There and It
Review: Pronouns; Possessives; Quantifiers
Adjectives and AdverbsAdjectivesPage 126
Order of Adjectives
Adverbs of Manner
Comparative and Superlative Adverbs
-ed and -ing Adjectives
Too and Enough
Adverbs of Frequency
Review: Adjectives and Adverbs
PrepositionsPrepositions of PlacePage 146
Prepositions of Time: At, In, On
Review: Prepositions

Active Grammar Level 1: Table of Contents

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