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Punctuation marks are symbols used to indicate a text’s structure and organization. These marks are important in helping the reader understand a text’s meaning. They can also be used to create a certain effect or mood for aesthetic purposes. To read the Punctuation Marks used in detail you can download the PDF file.

Punctuation marks can be divided into two main categories:

  1. End marks: These include the period (.), the question mark (?), and the exclamation point (!).
  2. Internal marks: These include the comma (,), the semicolon (;), and the colon (:).

Table of Punctuation Marks

1.Period (.)marks the end of a declarative sentence or an abbreviation.
2.Comma (,)separates clauses or items in a list.
3.Semicolon (;)separates clauses in a sentence, when a comma is not enough.
4.Colon (:)introduces a list, explanation, or quotation.
5.Exclamation mark (!) indicates strong emotion or emphasis.
6.Question mark (?) indicates a direct question.
7.Apostrophe (‘) indicates possession, contraction, or omitted letters.
8.Quotation marks (“) enclose direct speech or title of a work.
9.Hyphen (-) connects words to form a compound word or indicates a word break at the end of a line.
10.Dash (–) separates clauses in a sentence, with emphasis on the second clause.
11.Parenthesis (() ) encloses a non-restrictive clause or adds supplementary information.
12.Brackets ([ ])encloses information added by someone other than the original writer.
13.Ellipsis (…) indicates omitted words or a trailing off in speech.
14.Slash (/) separates options or alternatives.
Table of Punctuation Marks and Their Usage
Punctuation Marks Chart

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