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Note: There are Three English Grammar Books with Answers for Class 3 Students that you can download for Free!

Cambridge Active Grammar Book for Level 3

The Cambridge Book of Active Grammar for Level 3 is a comprehensive guide to English grammar. It is helpful for Class 3 learners to improve their language skills. They can also develop greater confidence in using English in various contexts.

The book is divided into 46 units, each focusing on a different aspect of grammar. The units are arranged in a logical sequence, starting with basic concepts and progressing to more complex structures.

Each unit includes a variety of exercises and activities, such as;

  • Gap-fill exercises
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Sentence transformation exercises

These activities are designed to reinforce the grammar concepts covered in each unit. It’s helpful for learners to practice using the language in context.

In addition to the exercises, each unit includes a clear explanation of the grammar concepts. There are also examples and usage notes to help learners understand how the language is in real-world situations. The book also includes a glossary of grammar terms. It has a comprehensive index to help learners quickly locate the information they need.

The Cambridge Book of Active Grammar for Level 3 is suitable for learners who already have a good understanding of basic English grammar and are looking to improve their language skills. It is an excellent resource for students preparing for exams.

Download Cambridge Active Grammar Book with Answers for Class 3

Oxford Grammar for Schools 3 Students Book

Oxford Grammar for Schools 3 is a comprehensive grammar book that provides upper primary students with a solid understanding of various grammatical concepts and structures. The book is part of a series published by Oxford University Press and is well-structured, making it easy for students to follow and learn at their own pace. The use of colorful illustrations to explain complex grammar rules and the inclusion of interactive exercises and activities make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for students. Additionally, the book contains revision exercises at the end of each unit and a glossary of grammatical terms, making it a valuable resource for students looking to improve their grammar skills. Overall, Oxford Grammar for Schools 3 is a well-written and accessible book that provides students with the tools they need to become confident and competent users of the English language.

Download Oxford Grammar for Schools 3 Book Free

Oxford Grammar Book for Class 3

The Oxford Grammar Club Book for Class 3 is an educational resource. Its purpose is to help young learners improve their understanding and use of English grammar. The book is part of the Oxford Grammar Club series, a popular resource for schools and teachers worldwide.

The book is divided into units that cover different contents of grammar, such as:

  • Unit 1 Can, can’t
  • Unit 2 Time: At, on, and in
  • Unit 3 How often?
  • Unit 4 Have to, has to
  • Unit 5 The past simple: Was, were
  • Test 1
  • Unit 6 The past simple: Regular verbs
  • Unit 7 The past simple: Irregular verbs
  • Unit 8 Adverbs, and before and after
  • Unit 9 Like doing
  • Unit 10 The future: Going to
  • Test 2
  • Grammar Round-up
  • Test answer keys

Each unit includes clear explanations of the grammar rules, along with examples and exercises. They help students practice using the language in context.

The exercises in the book are very engaging and funny, with colorful illustrations and activities that encourage students to interact with the language in a meaningful way.

For example, there are puzzles, word games, and fill-in-the-blank exercises that help students build their vocabulary and improve their grammar skills.

Download Oxford Grammar Book for Class 3

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