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This General English Grammar book covers a wide range of topics, from the basic concepts of grammar to advanced sentence structures and language usage. Whether you are a student, a language enthusiast, or someone looking to improve your English skills, this book will serve as a valuable companion on your journey to mastering English grammar. It contains the following 37 chapters.

1Basic Concept3–4
3The Sentence15–19
4Subject and Predicate20–22
5The Phrase and the Clause23–23
6Parts of Speech24–27
7The Tense28–29
7.1Present Indefinite Tense30–33
7.2Present Continuous Tense34–39
7.3Present Perfect Tense40–43
7.4Present Perfect Continuous Tense44–46
7.5Past Indefinite Tense47–49
7.6Past Continuous Tense50–52
7.7Past Perfect Tense53–56
7.8Past Perfect Continuous Tense57–59
7.9Future Indefinite Tense60–62
7.10Future Continuous Tense63–65
7.11Future Perfect Tense66–68
7.12Future Perfect Continuous Tense69–71
8The Sequences of Tenses72–74
14Phrasal Verbs167–176
16The Participle184–188
17The Gerund189–192
18Question Tags193–197
19Syntax: Subject-Verb Agreement198–207
21The Noun211–236
22The Pronoun237–246
26Direct and Indirect Speech298–320
27Active and Passive Voices321–339
28Punctuation and Capital Letters340–350
29Words Which Commonly Confuse351–363
30Synonyms and Antonyms364–371
31More About Clauses372–382
32Synthesis of Sentences383–393
33Transformation of Sentences394–402
34Use of Verb ‘Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Has, Have, Had, Do, Does, Did’403–405
35Use of It and There406–407
36Daily Use Sentences408–415
Table of Contents

KEY TO EXERCISES: This section answers the exercises presented throughout the book. Use it as a resource to check your understanding and progress.

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By Waqas Sharif

Mr. Waqas Sharif is an English Language Teaching (ELT) Professional, Trainer, and Course Instructor at a Public Sector Institute. He has more than ten years of Eng Language Teaching experience at the Graduate and Postgraduate level. His main interest is found in facilitating his students globally He wishes them to develop academic skills like Reading, Writing, and Communication mastery along with Basics of Functional Grammar, English Language, and Linguistics.

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