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Introduction to MA English

There are several key benefits to studying an MA in English syllabus and courses:

  1. Enhance your understanding and appreciation of literature: An MA in English program will deepen your understanding and appreciation of literature, including works from different historical periods, genres, and cultural contexts.
  2. Improve your critical thinking and analysis skills: An MA program will challenge you to think critically and analytically about literature and other texts, which can help you develop important skills that are useful in a variety of fields.
  3. Enhance your communication skills: An MA in English will help you develop your writing, speaking, and presentation skills, which are valuable in many professional settings.
  4. Prepare for doctoral studies: An MA in English can be a stepping stone to a Ph.D. program, which can lead to careers in academia or research.
  5. Expand your career options: An MA in English can open up new career opportunities, including teaching, editing, publishing, and writing.

Syllabus Part 1 and 2 Comparison

CoursesMA (First Year)MarksMA (Second Year)Marks
Compulsory PapersCompulsory
MEG1.British Poetry100MEG5- Literary Criticism
and Theory
MEG2.British Drama100Optional Papers
(Choose any 3)
MEG6- American Literature
MEG3.British Novel100 MEG7- Indian English Literature 100
MEG4.Aspects of Language100MEG8-New Literature in English
MEG9- Australian literature
MEG10- English Studies in India
MEG11- American Novel
MEG12- A Survey Course in 20th-
Century Candian Literature
MEG13- Writing from the Margins
MEG14- Contemporary Indian Literature
in English Translation
MEG15- Contemporary Literature:
Theory and Practice
MEG16- Indian Folk Literature

MA English Syllabus Part 1 + 2

Download IGNOU MA English syllabus Outline 2023

By Waqas Sharif

Mr. Waqas Sharif is an English Language Teaching (ELT) Professional, Trainer, and Course Instructor at a Public Sector Institute. He has more than ten years of Eng Language Teaching experience at the Graduate and Postgraduate level. His main interest is found in facilitating his students globally He wishes them to develop academic skills like Reading, Writing, and Communication mastery along with Basics of Functional Grammar, English Language, and Linguistics.

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