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Interjections Definition

Interjections are words or phrases used to express sudden or strong emotions and feelings or reactions. such as surprise, joy, anger, pain, or fear. They are typically used independently, outside of a sentence’s grammatical structure, and often followed by an exclamation mark (!).


  1. Aah – Aah, that feels good.
  2. Abracadabra – Abracadabra, now you see it, now you don’t.
  3. Ach – Ach, my back hurts.
  4. Ack – Ack, I have a cold.
  5. Achoo – Achoo, excuse me.
  6. Ah – Ah, that’s better.
  7. Ahem – Ahem, let’s get started.
  8. Aha – Aha, I found it!
  9. Ahoy – Ahoy, matey!
  10. Alas – Alas, we lost the game.
  11. All aboard – All aboard, next stop, New York.
  12. Alleluia – Alleluia, praise the Lord.
  13. Aloha – Aloha, welcome to Hawaii.
  14. Amen – Amen, let it be so.
  15. Amigo – Amigo, how are you?
  16. Are you kidding me? – Are you kidding me? That’s amazing!
  17. As if – As if, like that’s going to happen.
  18. Attaboy – Attaboy, good job!
  19. Attagirl – Attagirl, well done!
  20. Aww – Aww, that’s so cute.
  21. Ay – Ay, caramba!
  22. Aye – Aye, captain!
  23. Bada bing – Bada bing, bada boom.
  24. Bah – Bah, humbug!
  25. Bam – Bam, there it is.
  26. Bazinga – Bazinga, fooled you!
  27. Behold – Behold, the king has arrived.
  28. Bingo – Bingo, we have a winner.
  29. Blah – Blah, blah, blah.
  30. Blast – Blast, I forgot my phone.
  31. Blerg – Blerg, I feel sick.
  32. Bless you – Bless you, after someone sneezes.
  33. Boo-Boo, you stink!
  34. Boo hoo – Boo hoo, I’m crying.
  35. Bravo – Bravo, great performance!
  36. Brr – Brr, it’s cold outside.
  37. Buh-bye – Buh-bye, see you later.
  38. Bullseye – Bullseye, you got it right.
  39. Bye – Bye, have a good day.
  40. Bye-bye – Bye-bye, see you soon.

Characteristics of Interjections

  1. Interjections express emotions: Interjections are used to express a wide range of emotions, such as surprise, joy, anger, pain, fear, excitement, and so on.
  2. They stand alone: Interjections are not grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence. They can stand alone as a single word or a phrase.
  3. They are punctuated with exclamation marks: Interjections are often followed by an exclamation mark to indicate the strong emotion being expressed.
  4. We can repeat them for emphasis: Interjections can be repeated for emphasis, such as “Wow! Wow! That’s amazing!”
  5. They are universal: Interjections are used across languages and cultures, often with similar meanings and expressions.
  6. They are also versatile: Interjections can be used in various ways, such as to greet someone, to express joy/surprise, approval/disapproval, agreement/disagreement, excitement/enthusiasm, anger/frustration, confusion/uncertainty, pain/discomfort, fear/worry to show gratitude/admiration.

A to Z Interjection Words List

  1. Aah
  2. Ah
  3. Aha
  4. Ahem
  5. Alas
  6. Alrighty
  7. Amen
  8. Argh
  9. Aw
  10. Ay
  11. Bam
  12. Bingo
  13. Blah
  14. Blech
  15. Boo
  16. Boohoo
  17. Brr
  18. Bravo
  19. Bummer
  20. Cha-ching
  21. Cheers
  22. Christ
  23. Crikey
  24. Cripes
  25. Damn
  26. Dang
  27. Darn
  28. Dear
  29. Eek
  30. Egad
  31. Eh
  32. Encroyable
  33. Er
  34. Eureka
  35. Excuuuse
  36. Fiddlesticks
  37. Gadzooks
  38. Gee
  39. Gee whiz
  40. Geronimo
  41. Gosh
  42. Great
  43. Grr
  44. Ha
  45. Hah
  46. Hallelujah
  47. Halt
  48. Hm
  49. Hmm
  50. Holy cow
  51. Holy mackerel
  52. Holy smoke
  53. Holy Toledo
  54. Holy moley
  55. Hooray
  56. Huh
  57. Humbug
  58. Hurrah
  59. Hush
  60. Huzza
  61. Ich
  62. Jeepers
  63. Jeez
  64. Jesus
  65. Jinx
  66. Jolly good
  67. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat
  68. Kerplunk
  69. Kiss
  70. La-di-da
  71. Lame
  72. Leapin’ lizards
  73. Lordy
  74. Mercy
  75. My goodness
  76. My word
  77. Nah
  78. Nanny nanny boo boo
  79. Neat
  80. Nertz
  81. Never
  82. Nice
  83. Nix
  84. No
  85. No way
  86. No worries
  87. Nom nom
  88. Oh
  89. Oh dear
  90. Oh my
  91. Oh my gosh
  92. Oh no
  93. Oh well
  94. Oh wow
  95. Okey-dokey
  96. Oops
  97. Ouch
  98. Ow
  99. Phew
  100. Phooey
  101. Piffle
  102. Pish posh
  103. Please
  104. Pooh
  105. Poppycock
  106. Presto
  107. Psst
  108. Rats
  109. Really
  110. Righto
  111. Ruh-roh
  112. Say what
  113. Scram
  114. See ya
  115. Shazam
  116. Sheesh
  117. Shoot
  118. Shucks
  119. Sigh
  120. Silly
  121. Snap
  122. Snazzy
  123. Snort
  124. Sorry
  125. Splash
  126. Squee
  127. Ssssh
  128. Sup
  129. Surprise
  130. Ta-da
  131. Take that
  132. Tally-ho
  133. Tchau
  134. Thanks
  135. That’s it
  136. That’s right
  137. There
  138. There there
  139. Thud
  140. Tick-tock
  141. Toodles
  142. Tough luck
  143. Ugh
  144. Uh
  145. Uh-huh
  146. Uh-oh
  147. Um
  148. Unbelievable
  149. Up yours
  150. Viva
  151. Voila
  152. Wahoo
  153. Well
  154. Whee
  155. Whew:
  156. Woohoo
  157. Whoa
  158. Wow
  159. Woo-hoo
  160. Yay
  161. Yikes
  162. Yay
  163. Yikes
  164. Yo
  165. Yum
  166. Zing
  167. Zoinks
  168. Zounds
  169. Zut

Table of Interjections with Examples

1Ahhused to express pleasure or satisfactionAh, this soup is delicious!
2Alasused to express sadness or regretAlas! we lost the game.
3Alrightused to indicate agreement or acceptanceAlright, I’ll go with you to the concert.
4Ahaused to express sudden realization or understanding Aha, now I understand what you’re saying.
5Ahemused to clear the throat and get someone’s attention Ahem! excuse me, could you repeat that?
6Ayused to express agreement or affirmationAy, that’s a good point!
7Bravoused to express praise or admirationBravo, that was an amazing performance!
8Booused to express disapproval or dissatisfactionBoo, that movie was terrible!
9Blastused to express frustration or annoyanceBlas! I left my phone at home.
10Blimeyused to express surprise or disbeliefBlimey, I can’t believe you did that!
11Booused to express disapproval or to startle someone Boo! that was a terrible performance.
12Brr used to express feeling cold or shiveringBrr, it’s freezing in here!
13Cha-chingused to express financial success or victoryCha-ching, I just got a big bonus!
14Cheersused to toast or celebrate somethingCheers, to a successful project!
15Coolused to express approval or admirationCool, I love your new car!
16Darnused to express frustration or disappointment Darn, I missed the last train!
17Ewwused to express disgustEww, this food is gross!
18Eekused to express fear or surpriseEek, there’s a spider on the wall!
19Eurekaused to express a sudden discovery or breakthroughEureka, I’ve found the solution to the problem!
20Eepused to express surprise or alarmEep, I almost hit that car!
21Goshused to express surprise or amazementGosh, that’s a huge cake!
22Gosh darn itused to express frustration or annoyanceGosh darn it, I spilled my coffee!
23Haused to express amusement or satisfactionHa, that’s hilarious!
24Hallelujahused to express joy or reliefHallelujah, the exam is finally over!
25Heyused to get someone’s attentionHey! can you pass the salt?
26Heavensused to express surprise or disbeliefHeavens, that’s a lot of money!
27Hmmused to express thinking, uncertainty, or considerationHmm! I’m not sure about that idea.
28Hmmmused to express thought or considerationHmmm, I’m not sure about that idea.
used to express celebration or victoryHooray, we made it to the top!
30Hurrayused to express excitement or joyHurray, we won the game!
31Huhused to express confusion or surpriseHuh, I didn’t know that!
32Holy molyused to express surprise or amazementHoly moly, that’s a huge diamond!
33Huhused to express confusion or disbeliefHuh! I don’t understand what you mean.
34Hurrahused to express joy or celebrationHurrah, it’s your birthday!
35Indeedused to express agreement or confirmationIndeed, that’s a great idea!
36Jeezused to express annoyance or exasperation
Jeez! can’t you be more careful?
37Jeepersused to express surprise or excitementJeepers, that’s a fancy car!
38Mercyused to express surprise or disbeliefMercy, he’s too talented!
39Mmmused to express enjoyment of food or drinkMmm, this pizza is delicious!
40My goodnessused to express surprise or admirationMy goodness, You look stunning!
41No wayused to express disbelief or disagreementNo way, I don’t believe you!
42Nutsused to express frustration or disappointmentNuts! I forgot my phone at home.
43Ohused to express surprise or disappointment Oh no, I forgot my keys!
44Oh my Godoften used to express surprise, shock, or disbelief. Oh my God, I can’t believe it!
45Oopsused to acknowledge a mistake or accidentOops, I dropped my phone!
46Oh boyused to express excitement or anticipationOh boy, I can’t wait to go on vacation!
47Oh dearused to express concern or sympathyOh dear, I’m sorry to hear that.
48Oh myused to express surprise or amazementOh my, that’s a beautiful sunset!
49Oh noused to express dismay or concernOh no, I think I broke my phone!
50Oopsieused to acknowledge a minor mistake or accident Oopsie, I dropped my pen!
51Oohused to express interest or excitementOoh! what’s in this package?
52Oopsused to acknowledge a minor mistake or accidentOops! I spilled my drink.
53Owoused to express pain or discomfortOwo, I burnt my hand!
54Ouchused to express pain or discomfortOuch, that hurts!
55Phewused to express reliefPhew! that was a close call.
56Phooeyused to express frustration or disappointment Phooey, I missed the bus!
57Psstused to get someone’s attention secretlyPsst! over here.
58Ratsused to express frustration or disappointmentRats, I missed my flight!
59Rightoused to express agreement or acknowledgment Righto! I understand what you want to say.
60Shhused to ask for silence or to keep something secret Shh! the baby is sleeping.
61Shucksused to express disappointment or regretShucks, I wish I could have gone with you!
62Ta-daused to present or reveal something with flairTa-da, here is your surprise gift!
63Tskused to express disapproval or scoldingTsk tsk, you shouldn’t have done that.
64Tsk-tskused to express disapproval or criticism Tsk-tsk, you shouldn’t have done that.
65Ta-taused to say goodbye or farewellTa-ta, see you later!
66Tut-tutused to express disapproval or criticismTut-tut, that’s not very nice!
67Ugh-ohused to express concern or alarmUgh-oh, I think I broke my phone!
68Uh-huhused to express agreement or understandingUh-huh! I see what you mean.
69Uffused to express relief or exhaustionUff, that bag is too heavy!
70Uh-ohused to express concern or alarm Uh-oh! I think I broke the vase!
71Ughused to express disgust or annoyanceUgh, this food is terrible!
72Voilaused to express a reveal or presentation Voila, the finished product is ready!
73Well doneused to express congratulations or approvalWell done! you aced that.
74Wellused to indicate a change in topic or direction Well! let’s move on to the next question.
75Woohooused to express excitement or celebrationWoohoo, I got the job!
76Wheeused to express excitement or thrill Whee, this roller coaster is so fun!
77Whewused to express relief or exhaustionWhew, that was a long day!
78Whoaused to express surprise or amazementWhoa, that’s a huge wave!
79Woo-hooused to express excitement or celebrationWoo-hoo, I got the job!
80Wow: used to express amazement or admiration Wow, this artwork is stunning!
81Wahused to express happiness or amazement Wah, that sunset is beautiful!
82Ugh used to express annoyance or frustration Ugh, I can’t believe this traffic!
83Yayused to express happiness or enthusiasmYay, it’s my birthday!
84Yikesused to express fear or concernYikes, that was a close call!
85Yayused to express happiness or excitementYay, it’s Friday!
86Yikesused to express alarm or fearYikes, that was a close call.
87Yoused to get someone’s attention or to greet someone Yo, what’s up!
88Yumused to express enjoyment of foodYum, this dessert is delicious.
89Zingused to express surprise or cleverness Zing, that was a witty comeback!
90Zoinksused to express surprise or shockZoinks, I can’t believe it!
91Zoundsused to express surprise or amazementZounds, that’s an incredible feat!
92Zutused to express frustration or annoyanceZut, I can’t find my keys.
Table of Interjections and their Functions with Examples

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