Types of Readers

There are twenty types of readers.

  1. Inferential Readers
  2. Linear Readers
  3. Holistic Readers
  4. Strategic Readers
  5. Emergent Readers
  6. Passive Readers
  7. Selective Readers
  8. Intensive Readers
  9. Exploratory Readers
  10. Exploratory Readers
  11. Auditory Readers
  12. Re-reading Readers
  13. Active Readers
  14. Evaluative Readers
  15. Speed Readers
  16. Appreciative Readers
  17. Critical Readers
  18. Literal Readers
  19. Skim Readers
  20. Casual Readers


A reader is a person who engages with written or printed text. The purpose of a reader is to understand the meaning of a text. Readers use various strategies and techniques to comprehend and interpret text and can be classified into different types based on their reading habits, preferences, and purposes.

Types of Readers
Types of Readers

Table of Readers’ Types

1.Inferential ReadersThey read between the lines and make assumptions about the text based on their background knowledge and the context.
2.Linear ReadersThey read the text in a linear fashion, from start to finish.
3.Holistic ReadersThey read the text as a whole and make connections between different parts of the text.
4.Strategic ReadersThey use specific reading strategies and techniques to understand the text more effectively.
5.Emergent ReadersThey are learning to read and still developing their reading skills.
6.Passive ReadersThey simply read the text without any interaction or engagement.
7.Selective ReadersThey choose what to read based on their interests and needs.
8.Intensive ReadersThey read in-depth and closely analyze the text, paying attention to detail and making connections between the text and their own knowledge.
9.Confirmatory ReadersThey read to confirm their existing beliefs or hypotheses.
10.Exploratory ReadersThey read to learn new information and expand their knowledge and understanding.
11.Auditory ReadersThey rely on listening to the text being read aloud in order to understand it.
12.Re-reading ReadersThey read the text multiple times in order to gain a deeper understanding.
13.Active ReadersThey engage with the text by asking questions, making connections, and taking notes.
14.Evaluative ReadersThey read with the intention of making judgments about the text, its author, or its content.
15.Speed ReadersThey attempt to read quickly in order to cover a large amount of text in a short amount of time.
16.Appreciative ReadersThey read for enjoyment and appreciate the literary value of the text.
17.Critical ReadersThey analyze and evaluate the content they are reading, questioning the author’s arguments and evaluating the evidence provided.
18.Literal ReadersThey read the text word by word and interpret it according to its dictionary definition, without any inferences.
19.Skim ReadersThey quickly scan text to gather main ideas or specific information.
20.Casual ReadersThey read for pleasure or leisure, and not for any specific purpose.
Types of Readers

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