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GCUF MA. English Syllabus much resembles PU Syllabus in terms of outline and Subjects. Parts 1 and 2 consist of 5+5 Papers. Each paper holds 100 Marks, a total of 1000. Note: 1 Paper of part 2 is Optional out of the four options given by GCUF.

Key Difference GCUF MA. English Part 1 + 2 Papers

Further Details of MA. English Papers Part 1 and 2 are given below in this Comparison Table.

PapersPart 1MarksPart 2Marks
Compulsory PapersCompulsory Papers
1.Paper 1- Classical Poetry100Paper 1- Poetry II100
2.Paper 2- Drama100Paper 2- Drama ll100
3.Paper 3- Novel 100Paper 3- Novel ll100
4.Paper 4- Prose 100Paper 4- Literary Criticism 100
5.Paper 5- American Literature100Paper 5- (Optional Papers)
Short Stories OR
Literature in English Around the World OR
Linguistics OR
Literary Essays
Ma.English Syllabus Part 1 + 2 Syllabus GCUF

Download Course Outline

You can easily download the GCUF MA English Course outline in the pdf given below.

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