Acknowledgement letter


An acknowledgment letter is a formal letter written to acknowledge the receipt of a document. Because it is usually used when one party sends another party an important document, such as a contract. So, let the sender know that his message has been received, and thank him. It is one technique to foster goodwill among coworkers and clients. Typically, it is a brief letter of courtesy.

Besides, an acknowledgment letter is a letter written by an individual to acknowledge the receipt of goods or services. Usually, it is written to express gratitude for a favor or gift.

In this type of letter, the author should mention when they received the document and how they will use it. And, the author should also mention if there are any additional questions about the document or if there are any changes to consider before signing it.

Tips to Write Acknowledgment Letter

The following tips can help you write an acknowledgment letter:

  • Start by thanking the person who has given you a gift and explaining how much you appreciate it.
  • In the next paragraph, mention how your life has been enriched because of the act of kindness and generosity.
  • Mention how this act will be engraved in your memory forever and that you will always remember it with fondness.
  • Conclude by writing that you hope they will be blessed with happiness and success in their life, too.

Types of Acknowledgment Letter

There are two main types of acknowledgment letters:

  • Formal
  • Informal

The formal acknowledgment letter is typically used when one is thanking someone for a large gift, or when thanking someone who has helped them in a significant way. While the informal acknowledgment letter is typically used when thanking someone for a small gift or to thank someone who has helped them in a minor way.


Sample of Acknowledgement Letter
Figure:1. Sample of Acknowledgement Letter

Key Elements

Acknowledgments are an opportunity to show appreciation for all of the people who have helped you along the way. But the letter should have a professional tone and mention the contributions of each person. So, it is also important to include their contact information such as:

  • Email Address
  • Phone number

So that they can receive their proper recognition.

Main Purposes

The letter is typically used in the context of business transactions to confirm receipt or delivery of goods or services.

The acknowledgment letter has many purposes; therefore, the receiver needs to know what these are. This will help them decide whether the sender should be expecting a reply to this letter.

The acknowledgment letter can confirm that goods have been received, an acceptance of goods, an agreement to purchase goods, an agreement on payment terms, an acknowledgment of receipt and delivery of services, etc. But it can also serve as a confirmation that work has been completed satisfactorily.

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